Stop collecting certificates. Start building Experience

The Analysis Experience lets you do headfirst Functional Analysis
and helps you build that much desired experience!

Would you feel comfortable riding a bike after only
reading about the mechanics of cycling and perhaps
passing a written test?

You wouldn’t.
Yet, this is common practice in the IT industry!
And it is very unfortunate.
Does this sound familiar?

Did my courses. Got my certificates. Now what?

This is why I have created The Analysis Experience.

I have designed The Analysis Experience to introduce true practice in the education mix.
To counterbalance the theoretical focus.
The Analysis Experience is not a course. It is not a certification.
It is actual



But let me introduce myself first.

And how about you?

You are an Analyst

We’ve all been there: you’re new to the Analysis discipline. You have done your training, but you don’t really know where to begin and how to apply your knowledge. The Analysis field is so vast and you feel lost.

Perhaps you’ve even got some certifications and you realise that makes it even worse: now that you’re certified, your boss’s expectations have skyrocketed but you don’t feel comfortable at all.
You really want to land that analysis job, but because you still lack that vital piece of experience it is extremely hard to compete with more experienced colleagues.
If only you had done this sort of job before…
But to have done this before, you need to land that analysis job…
Frustrating, no?
But here is the good news:
The Analysis Experience does exactly that.
After finishing The Analysis Experience,
you HAVE done it before!
You will create a memory that you can activate when you need it most: in your next interview.

You are their People Manager

You know your people and their ambitions. You know they have the knowledge; they were trained well. Yet, you know they have difficulties to apply their knowledge, simply because they have never done this before. As a result, you witness them struggle to land that analysis opportunity.

You sense their anxiety when they go for an interview and you wish you could help them. You want to tell them “c’mon! You can do it! Be confident about what you know”, but that doesn’t quite cut it, because you know their lack of experience will somehow manifest itself and chances are high they are surpassed by more experienced colleagues. Maybe even competitors!

If only they had done this sort of job before…
But to have done this before, they need to land that analysis job…
This must be very frustrating, for everyone.
The good news is you can help them get that opportunity.
The Analysis Experience does exactly that:
after finishing the Analysis Experience,
they HAVE done this before!
In their next interview, they will now have this vital piece of experience that can make the difference between them and their competition.

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That’s how you did it.

You may have forgotten, but you put a lot of effort into learning how to ride a bike.

There was no shortcut.

So, we’re gonna do something similar in

The Analysis Experience.



Some of the Formula² challenges

Process optimisation
Scentilane knows their current product life cycle process is far from optimal and lots of time and money is wasted before a new product enters the market. One of the analysis team main tasks is to propose and implement significant improvements in this process.
Feeling the pressure of world’s public opinion on chemical manufacturing, Scentilane acknowledges the need to “go green”. The Formula² project solution will have to take this into account and help the company to reduce waste, to produce cleaner and more sustainable products and to avoid the use and creation of hazardous materials.

Formula Management
Formulas are at the very core of what Scentilane does. Up until now, there is no proper Formula management in place; the perfumers use spreadsheets or even just paper notebooks. It will be up to you to design an application that will support the perfumers in their daily formula creation.
The use of chemicals in consumer products is heavily legislated. Compliance to this legislation is one of the top priorities and critical success factors of the Formula² project.

Each of these challenges can be the main topic in The Analysis Experience. Or all of them. This all depends on the group’s experience and ambitions.

After all, The Analysis Experience is a team effort.


This full week course simulates real analysis work in a real project. By actually experiencing analysis work, you’ll create memories that will make you infinitely more confident about your skills than a certification ever will.

For whom

Junior analysts, developers, testers, anyone with a healthy interest in Analysis work and who wants to feel more at ease in the next interview or in the next project. Feel free to contact me if you’re not sure The Analysis Experience is for you.


Knowledge of UML is a plus. People with an OOA/D background will definitely have an advantage, but if you don’t have this background, don’t worry! Your ambitions are far more important that your qualifications.


There are many ways to do analysis. There are also many skills that are needed to do analysis. The Analysis Experience will not make you a senior analyst overnight. However, if you have decided analysis is your future career, this Experience will give you a definite head start.

Skills trained during the Experience

Use Cases
Story Mapping
Domain modeling

I want to do this!
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